• What’s the damage if it’s NOT lower for longer?

    November 12, 2019

    Written by Alex Beveridge

    Geopolitical tensions, macroeconomic instability, ESG and scarcity of return are some of the big picture challenges currently occupying the minds of Europe’s institutional asset owners. But, what are these allocators doing on a practical level to meet these challenges?

  • The older, wiser, record-breaking ETF

    April 10, 2019

    Written by Alex Beveridge

    Even though I have been a fan of ETFs for a long time, I have to admit I was slightly startled when the good people at ETFGI revealed assets invested in ETFs and ETPs have now topped $5.32 trillion. It shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, given the versatility of the instruments, however - it does feel like this number has snuck up on us. Anyway, happy 39th anniversary ETFs! Let’s hope life really does begin at 40 for you.