16th Annual Family Office Wealth Conference

Sep 22nd - Sep 24th 2019
Montage Laguna Beach Resort
Laguna Beach

The New Age Family Office: A Force to be Reckoned With

Not too long ago, the term “family office” was a foreign concept. It was this elusive entity set up for individual families to bring the inner workings of an investment bank and a private bank in-house. Over the last decade, the industry has become slightly more transparent, with outsiders clamoring to look in, trying to make sense of what the family office space is all about.

Today, family offices are continuing to grow their influence throughout many industries such as finance, healthcare and technology. Some modern day family offices look and feel like what most people would view as a private equity shop, doing deal after deal and taking board seats on companies. They often can be the first money in on a new venture and shape the future of companies that theoretically can change the world. Others are taking interest in social issues like ESG, impact and philanthropy, charting the course for next generations to shape our future, while others take political stances, making great strides in that arena.

In light of political shifts during this time of uncertainty, families wish to discuss their geopolitical fears, how to best brace for volatility, how they can shoot for multi-generational investments that can maintain earnings power over decades and how to find the most efficient and cost effective ways of managing tax compliance work for their family offices.

To that end, employing a variety of formats (expert presentations, small working groups, family-only sessions, and workshops), this program spanning three days will endeavor to address a range of those important issues facing family office members and executives, and provide a safe space for thoughtful, intellectual discussions amongst families.

The 16th Annual Institutional Investor Family Office Wealth Conference strives to create an environment where a variety of perspectives, ideas and viewpoints will be provided on topics essential to affluent families’ overall success. We hope you will be able to join us September 22-24, 2019.

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I found the conference informative and valuable. The breakout sessions where family office managers and owners could share their shared issues and opportunities was my favorite part of the conference.

— Family Office Director at Single Family Office

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Advisory Board

Clay Bradley, Vice President, Eno Farms, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)

Michelle Clements, President, Synergy Trust Partners (Jackson, WY)

Richard Feldman, Managing Director, Rijo Investment Group (Encino, CA)

Fritzi Hallock, Principal, The Greenland Corporation (Baltimore, MD)

Michael T. Kane, President, Kestrel Investments (Wayne, PA)

Tommy Mayes, Executive Advisor, Sungate Capital LLC (Winter Park, FL)

Mark McKee, President, Capital Alternatives, LLC (San Francisco, CA)

Michael Novak, President, Wellspring Financial Advisors (Cleveland, OH)

Robert Terrell, Director of Investments, Karlin Asset Management (Los Angeles, CA)

Doug Bryant, President, Settco Management (Pierre Part, LA)

Colby Hanks Baer, Analyst, Eaglebine Capital (Dallas, TX)

Robert Mischel, Chief Operating Officer, Wurwand Family Office (Dobbs Ferry, NY)

Clive Fleissig, President and Co-Founder, Rochester Advisors

I learned a lot and very much enjoyed comparing notes with US families and explore similarities and differences in our respective macro outlooks and allocation strategies.

— Single Family Office Director from Europe


For more information, please contact:

Randy Klein

(212) 224-3629

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