Emerging Markets Forum

Feb 11th - Feb 12th 2020
The Ritz-Carlton
Marina Del Rey, CA

You Set Your EM Strategy, What Do You Need to Make it a Better One?

When it comes to their emerging markets portfolios, many institutional allocators have largely set the strategy – set the course, if you will – and have remained fairly consistent with their overall strategic allocations to specific sectors, regions, and asset classes. But now many investors are seeking to dissect those portfolios, examine the constituent components, and identify and assess ways to add diversification and robustness.

This year’s Emerging Markets Forum is going to focus on exactly that: What specifically do you need to make your emerging markets strategy better?

Advisory Board

Doug MacBean, Managing Director, Public and Alternative Securities, California Institute of Technology
Mike Rosborough, Investment Director, CalPERS
Erik Ogren, Director of Investments, Carnegie Mellon University
Lode Devlaminck, Managing Director, Global Equities, DuPont Capital Management
Dustin Heintz, Portfolio Manager, Florida State Board of Administration
Grace Moore, Portfolio Specialist - Global Equities, Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.
Kevin Edwards, Senior Investment Director, Hartford Healthcare
Josh Fenton, Director of Investments, Helmsley Charitable Trust
Suhitha Reddy, Senior Investment Manager, International Finance Corporation
Eric Vaang, Managing Director, International, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Jason Chang, Managing Director - External Equities and Real Estate, Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company
Brandon Gill, Portfolio Manager, Strategic Relationships and Innovation, OPTrust
Michael ‘A.B.’ Orr, Executive Director, Alternative Investments, Providence St. Joseph Health
Adam Liebhoff, Director of Global Equities, Raytheon Company
Mark Cagwin, System Director, Treasury & Investments, SSM Health Care
Ying Hosler, Director, Portfolio Management, The Pennsylvania State University
Chung Ma, Senior Portfolio Manager, Virginia Retirement System
Ryan Johnston, Funds Analyst, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
Ruchit Shah, Head of External Investments, Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust
Kathleen Vogelsang, Chief Investment Officer, Van Andel Institute

  • With rates in the developed markets heading toward negative, will we see increased investor interest in the EMs?
  • Are emerging markets investments now a geography play and not a sector/industry play?
  • How will impact- and ESG-related information be disclosed and included in EM investments?
  • The impact of deglobalization for emerging markets economies: The good and the bad
  • Of increasing concern: How do you deal with China in your portfolio and allocation decisions?
  • Does factor investing make sense in EM investing?
  • Are you focusing your EM decisions on risk management or alpha generation?
  • In the EMs, what lies beyond publicly listed assets?
  • Is the time for value investing in certain emerging markets in the past now?
  • What defines a core EM mandate these days?
  • The “out of favor” bucket: What events will bring these particular emerging markets back to being an investment opportunity?
  • Investing among all the noise: Where are the real opportunities and what are the real risks?
  • What have the BRICs become: Where are these economies today?
  • Has the small cap premium disappeared in the emerging markets?
  • Digital Infrastructure: Young generation takes the lead in EM

Lead Sponsors

Aberdeen Standard Investments
AllianceBernstein [AB]
Eastspring Investments
Eaton Vance Management
Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc.
Matthews International Capital Management, LLC
PGIM Fixed Income
State Street Global Advisors


Engagement Sponsor

Enam Asset Management



Only qualified representatives can be registered to attend this meeting, but there is no registration fee for those who are qualified. Once your registration request is received, Institutional Investor will send you an email letting you know if you are qualified to attend. For further information, please contact Katarina Storfer at +1 (212) 224-3877 or kstorfer@institutionalinvestor.com.


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  • Tuesday February 11
  • Wednesday February 12

The Ritz-Carlton

4375 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA
90292, USA



For more information, please contact:

Scott Cohen

Executive Director, Investor Relations
212 224 3647