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10th Annual The Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional Investors

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The Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional InvestorsMarch 19, 2015
NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Visit The Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional Investors minisite for more information.

Fortifying Engagement through Collaborative Action

The 10th Annual Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional Investors will again be held in Amsterdam and co-sponsored by Institutional Investor and Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check LLP. Many of the most pressing issues for investors and shareholders covered in this agenda will consider the ways that these investment, legal and compliance officers from European public pension, insurance fund and mutual fund companies are paving a path forward—together— to meet larger, long term ESG and governance goals.

Senior executives and legal and compliance leaders from European, US and other public pension plans, insurance funds and mutual fund companies interested in being considered for an invitation should contact Ann Cornish, Audience Director, at +1 (212) 224-3877 or at email

Only qualified representatives can be registered to attend this meeting, but there is no fee for those who attend.

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Defined Contribution Forum

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Defined Contribution ForumApril 27-28, 2015
Four Seasons Hotel

Visit the Defined Contribution Forum minisite for further updates.

Taking the Next Step Forward Toward Better Outcomes for DC Plans

This year’s Defined Contribution Forum represents the IIIDC’s inaugural event. Through the Forum, we aim to take the next step forward in helping plan sponsors: supporting their decision making through inspiring and informative meetings, and creating a peer- focused community to help you continue the conversation beyond the days of the event. The new IIIDC membership model is designed to put plan sponsors’ needs first and foremost, with an agenda unconstrained by anything other than the mandate to provide a forum for the dissemination of the forward-most thought leadership and discussion of the ideas. The membership’s mission is to help plan sponsors do their jobs, and to better meet the needs of their participants.

Plan sponsors interested in receiving an invitation to attend the Defined Contribution Forum as our guest should contact Benedetta Riva at (212) 224-3638 or via email at

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1st Annual Central RIA Investment Forum

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1st Annual Central RIA Investment ForumApril 27-28, 2015
Four Seasons Hotel

Visit the Central RIA Investment Forum ministe for more information.

Building Your Business
The Investment Decisions and Practice Management That Can Make the Difference

For nearly five years in Boston and San Francisco, Institutional Investor Forums has delivered private meetings for investment decision-makers from the larger, independent, fee-based RIAs. Now in response to requests from the RIA executives who are focusing on building their businesses as well as identifying the best investment opportunities, we are adding this third event. This particular agenda will incorporate discussions focusing on some of the key issues facing growing firms while retaining some of the investment themes which have allowed us to differentiate our events from the other conferences vying for your time and attention.

Unlike most other firms providing events to RIAs, our three events per year will continue to be complimentary to investment decision-makers, ensuring that our audiences will always be comprised of approximately 60 of yours peers so that we can offer you the greatest potential to gain meaningful insights, share expertise, and benefit from your colleagues’ lessons learned.

If you are interested in being considered for an invitation please contact Steve Olson, Editor in Chief / Executive Director, at +1 (212) 224-3943 or at email

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5th Annual Emerging Markets Forum

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Emerging Markets ForumMay 12-13, 2015
New York

Visit the Emerging Markets Forums minisite for more information.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
Identifying the Investment Opportunities with the Best Potential for Risk-Adjusted Returns

The 5th Annual Emerging Markets Forum will focus on how North American pension funds, endowments, and foundations are moving their emerging markets strategies significantly forward in many ways. Many institutions are moving from an assessment stance (eg, are there real opportunities in the emerging markets) to more of a discernment (where are the particular opportunities to be found in particular assets) or an execution one.

To inquire about attending the Emerging Markets Forum — there is no registration fee for those who are invited to attend, although delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodations — please contact: Katarina Storfer at (212) 224-3073 or

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Inaugural Deutschland Forum

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Deutschland ForumMay 19 – 20, 2015
Hyatt Regency Cologne

Visit the Deutschland Forum website for more information.

The Deutschland Forum is a new meeting, launching in May 2015, specifically for the German pension fund industry. The event has originated from answering the requests of institutional end investors in Germany to provide a meeting for the local market which deals specifically with their challenges in asset allocation. The Deutschland Forum is focused on the sharing of knowledge and ideas between Germany’s largest institutional asset owners.

For more information, please contact Marc-Alexander Baier at or +44 (0)20 7303 1762

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5th Annual East Coast RIA Investment Forum

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4th Annual East Coast RIA Investment ForumJune 8-9, 2015
The Charles Hotel

Visit the East Coast RIA Investment Forum minisite for more information.

Please join us June 8-9, 2015 at The Hotel Charles in Boston. You will join more than 50 senior executives from the nation’s top RIAs for a forum focused on the investment strategies that advisors like you must understand to meet your clients’ needs.

The forum agenda is being developed under the guidance of an Advisory Board of your peers, the top RIAs in the nation.

If you are interested in being considered for an invitation please contact Steve Olson, Editor in Chief / Executive Director, at +1 (212) 224-3943 or at email

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2nd Annual Defined Contribution Forum UK

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Defined Contribution Forum UKJune 16-17,  2015
Hilton London Syon Park

Institutional Investor Forums’ Defined Contribution Forum UK offers Investment managers the opportunity to meet around 50 decision makers from the larger DC plans in the United Kingdom, as well as a select number of their peers from United Kingdom and Europe to explore the full range of issues which, together, contribute to an effective DC pension plan. Over the course of the day and a half, the Forum’s agenda will include a series of case studies by DC pension managers focusing on effective, proven strategies.

For more information, please contact Antje Meyer, Associate Director at or +44 (0) 207 303 1740.

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3rd Annual European Single Family Office Symposium

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European Single Family Office SymposiumJune 23-24, 2015
Beau-Rivage Palace
Lausanne, Switzerland

The European Single Family Office Symposium is a great platform for single family offices and service providers to gather together, share information and learn from each other. Working closely with an Advisory Board of single family offices, the interactive agenda of small table workshops and breakout sessions touch on the particular needs and challenges of this unique group of investors. Attendance at the European Single Family Office Symposium is by invitation-only. Only qualified single family office CEOs / CIOs / Partners / Directors and family members may apply for an invitation. Firms with sponsorship and tickets are the only external investment managers permitted to attend the Symposium.

For more information, please contact Emma Whittingham, Programme Director at or +44 (0) 207 303 1713.

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10th Annual Sub-Advisory Roundtable

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Sub-Advisory RoundtableJuly 21-22, 2015
New York

Visit the Sub-Advisory Roundtable website for more information.

Institutional Investor Forums’ Sub-Advisory Roundtable will bring together leading participants in this high-potential, rapidly growing segment of the asset management industry to assess how the investment objectives of institutions are changing and how firms that offer sub-advised strategies can respond to these needs.

Insurance Companies and Banks (e.g., heads of asset management, chief executives, chief investment officers, chief operating officers, portfolio managers, or heads of manager-selection) who have outsourced or who are looking to outsource assets to third parties and who would like to be considered for an invitation to the Roundtable should contact Ann Cornish at (212) 224-3877 or

For more information about participating at the Roundtable as a sponsor and the attendant speaking opportunities, please contact Kristin Zammit at (212) 224-3063 or

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11th Annual Family Office Wealth Conference

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Family Office Wealth ConferenceSeptember 27-29, 2015
Montage Resort & Spa
Laguna Beach, CA

You may also visit us at for further updates.

Keeping it in the Family: Preserving and Growing Wealth for Generations

The 12th Annual Institutional Investor Family Office Wealth Conference will offer a forum in which a variety of perspectives, ideas and viewpoints will be provided on these and other topics essential to affluent families’ overall success. Through a series of expert presentations and panel discussions, families-only working groups and idea labs, seasoned family office executives and family members will examine the issues likely to have the biggest impact on their wealth, their lifestyle, their wealth, and the legacy they are able to leave for future generations.

Qualified family office directors and family members who are interested in attending the Family Office Wealth Conference, which is by invitation only, should contact Usha Bhate at (212) 224-3429 or at

Service providers interested in speaking/sponsoring the Conference should contact Usha Bhate at telephone (212) 224-3429 or via email at


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